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hering thunderstorm burst w●ith peals of heaven’s artillery, and the drivi▓ng rain lasted long enough to wet ●the bowstrings of the crossbowmen and render ▓them of little use.The superiori●ty of the longbow was fully shown then, f●or the English were able to keep ▓the bows cased and the strings dry until th●e moment for their use came.And com●e it did; for the sunshine again broke t▓hrough the clouds, and now full in

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31 june

the face▓s of the French.Other omens too were ▓there, which in days of superstition helped ●to raise the courage of one s●ide and depress that of the other;

21 july

for over the ●French early gathered great flocks of rav●ens, which “was deemed,” so w●rites De Mezeray, “a presage of their ▓defeat.” When, therefore, the Gen

03 August

oese w▓ere ordered to attack, they did little executio●n, and under a fire of clothyard shafts so h▓eavy that “it seemed as if it snowed,”● they fell back i